Captured in a Lens

“Watching the smoke dance out of a cigarette is like watching a girl dance out of her dress” -D.H. Mondfleur

Posted in Cigarettes, Indoors, Life, Me, Night by Ingrid Alise on March 4, 2010

Having a cigarette at 2 am…

These pictures are not really taken by me, obviously because I’m in the pictures. But by my friend Isabelle with my camera. I just edited the colors a little and decided to post them here because I really like the “mood” of them. And because this was such a nice night at her place.



Posted in Indoors, Snow, Winter by Ingrid Alise on February 28, 2010

All this snow makes the air humid, and you can even feel it inside the house if you stand near a window. If you look closely you can see wet drops on the glass.

(This photo gives me kind of twilight associatons… I almost expect to see a glipse of Edward jumping from one treetop to another with Bella on his back.)